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Principal Exam Competency 1 - School Culture

Principal Exam Competency 2 - Communications

Principal Exam Competency 3 - Ethics

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TEXES Principal Examination

My first graduate degree was in instructional design and I have a habit of designing study materials when I prepare for tests. Though these videos and tests were designed for personal use, they have become very popular in Texas.

The principal workbook has never been piloted (and is not complete), but I would appreciate feedback. Since it is a little old, I do not plan on releasing it for commercial purposes, though I might consider revising it.

The TEXES Technology Applications studyguide has become popular with teachers interested in getting an additional teaching certification without classwork. Since it was released seven years ago. I am offering the first edition free, while the second edition is being revised. In spite of the age of the book, I still receive positive feedback for the publication.

Good Luck On The Test!!!

......................Jim Becka